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IVF USA Awarded the '2019 Best Overseas Medical Service Award'

2023-09-05 15:09:59,visits: 1678

On May 23rd, the 2019 China Wealth Management Innovation International Summit and Golden Spring Awards Ceremony, jointly hosted by Frontier Financial Research Institute under SZ&W Group, Shanghai Pudong International Financial Association, FOAHK, Asian Financial Federation, and co-organized by the Alternative Investment Management Association, was grandly held in Beijing. During this event, IVF USA received the prestigious 'Best Overseas Medical Service Award'.


More than 150 decision-makers and experts from private banks, securities firms, trusts, insurance companies, funds, third-party wealth management companies, family offices, consulting firms, and other institutions from the Asia-Pacific region gathered together. They convened under the theme 'Craftsmanship in Operation, Adapting to the Situation' to focus on current practices in wealth management in China. The discussions centered around trends in the wealth management industry, opportunities and challenges under new financial regulations, family wealth succession, global asset allocation, wealth technology, and other cutting-edge topics in the industry.


The summit featured a strong lineup of keynote speakers and witnessed frequent interactions among attendees. With over a decade of development, the wealth management industry in China has established a unique product and service system. To recognize excellence and set benchmarks, the 2019 China Wealth Management Innovation International Summit introduced the Golden Spring Awards Ceremony. Bai Bo, the Executive Chairman of the Asian Finance and Financial Association, co-organized the summit and served as the award presenter. Eighteen winning institutions were honored during the ceremony. Among them, IVF USA was awarded the 'Best Overseas Medical Service Award'.


Dr. Nathan Zhang, the founder of IVF USA, receiving the award on stage (left).

In the field of assisted reproductive technology and as the founder of IVF USA, Dr. Nathan Zhang took the stage to receive the award and expressed: "First of all, I'd like to thank the organizing committee. Our concept of wealth management is different from others'. Ten years ago, I identified an issue – most wealthy families had a lack of continuity despite their wealth. I come from a medical background, specializing in assisted reproductive technology. Over the past decade, I entered the field of U.S. IVF and established a systematic process for providing U.S. assisted reproductive medical services. We prioritize customer privacy protection. Through these ten years, we have found that there are two main demands from wealthy families in this area. First, top-tier wealthy families desire to have both sons and daughters. Second, as some wealthy families age, they face challenges and hope for more descendants, a larger family. We also provide services like U.S. egg freezing and U.S. IVF to help them achieve wealth succession."


Dr. Nathan Zhang giving acceptance speech


Dr. Nathan Zhang mentioned that the essence of seeking medical treatment overseas is to find high-level medical institutions and doctors. Due to the independent practice of doctors, even within the same clinic in the U.S., there can be significant variations in their medical expertise. When IVF USA entered the field of overseas assisted reproductive services a decade ago, the fundamental principle was to help clients find the most suitable doctors. We established a comprehensive evaluation system for doctors and clinics, recommending doctors based on individual ovarian conditions and needs. Our sole criterion for selecting doctors is non-intermediation (not charging referral fees to doctors). We align our interests entirely with the clients, focusing solely on the goal of successful conception. This approach has enabled IVF USA to assist thousands of families in realizing their dreams of having children over the past decade.


At this pivotal moment of China's economic transition, as a responsible enterprise committed to driving societal and economic progress and contributing to population development, IVF USA visited over 400 reproductive doctors in the U.S., selecting ten truly high-success-rate reproductive centers. Additionally, we partnered with Ctrip as a strategic investor, aiming to establish IVF USA as a flagship company in China's overseas medical sector. We aspire to become a strong force of innovation amid the changing times, ushering in a new era of progress."

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