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IVFUSA awarded "2018 SHE POWER Best Business Model Award"

2023-09-05 15:17:58,visits: 1268

In 2018, IVF USA was honored with the "2018 SHE POWER Best Business Model Award" at the SHE POWER Awards ceremony hosted by the professional women's learning and growth platform, She Power. The event took place at the W Hotel on the Bund in Shanghai.


The Global She Leaders Annual Summit, established in 2016, attracts thousands of professional women each year. This year's summit brought together nearly a hundred outstanding business elites and female leaders from both China and abroad to discuss topics such as personal growth, entrepreneurial financing, and marketing strategies.


The 2018 SHE POWER Awards focused on recognizing enterprises or individuals that have a leading role in the "she economy." Categories included the SHE POWER Most Valuable Investment Award, SHE POWER Innovation Enterprise Award, SHE POWER Best Business Model Award, and SHE POWER Influential Person Award. The awards aimed to acknowledge innovative and contributive entities and individuals in the "she economy" field who have excelled in supporting women's growth.


At the ceremony, the 2018 SHE POWER Best Business Model Award was presented to IVF USA. Dr. Nathan Zhang, the founder of IVF USA, a doctor of medicine educated in the United States, and an expert in the field of national assisted reproductive medicine, stated in her acceptance speech: "With the improvement of family economic levels, the overseas medical industry has become a new hotspot. Over the past eight years, IVF USA has assisted thousands of women in receiving assisted reproductive medical services at renowned centers in the U.S. We have adopted a unique butler-style service approach that breaks away from the traditional intermediary service chain. This approach has guided the path of Chinese women's reproductive health towards a professional, market-oriented, and humanized direction, contributing strength to balancing women's lives, work, and families."


Statistics show that the employment rate of Chinese women reaches 73%. After entering the workforce, 76% of women aspire to hold top positions in companies. Among entrepreneurs, women account for a substantial 30.9%, a proportion growing at a rate exceeding 10% annually. While for men, resolving work-related issues often resolves about 90% of life's problems, for women, work is only a part of life. Beyond work-related issues, they often face challenges in family and emotional aspects.


Dr. Nathan Zhang, founder of IVF USA, a doctor of medicine educated in the United States and an expert in the field of national assisted reproductive medicine, expressed: "Modern medicine's popularization of IVF and breakthroughs in egg freezing have liberated women from conflicts and confusions in careers, families, and having children. With the growing openness of society and increasing self-awareness, women's social roles are no longer confined to being good wives and mothers. Today, 73% of Chinese women have entered the workforce, showcasing their strengths and value in fields such as entrepreneurship, arts, and technology. In the past, these career women were pressured by family and various societal factors. However, today, with options like American IVF, you can choose to freeze eggs, embryos, or opt for IVF. Reproductive issues no longer trouble modern career women. American IVF and egg freezing have become new choices for women in this era."

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