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IVF USA Awarded the '2019 Exemplary Corporate Social Responsibility Award’

2023-09-04 21:14:13,visits: 1118

In 2019, a year critical to China's economic transition and adjustment, marked by challenges and opportunities, the 8th China Finance Summit was held with the theme "New Era: Major Changes and New Drivers." The summit commenced on July 11th, 2019, in Beijing.


A group of visionary business leaders, distinguished figures from the field of economics, entrepreneurs, and representatives of the new generation, both domestic and international, were invited to attend this year's financial summit. They gathered to discuss China's path of economic transition. Dr. Nathan Zhang, the founder of IVF USA, an accomplished medical graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, and a prominent figure in the medical field who was once named among the top ten leading figures in China's pharmaceutical industry, attended the summit as a specialist in the field of assisted reproductive technology, focusing on providing high-end families with services related to traveling to the U.S. for IVF.


Simultaneously, numerous exemplary companies that have driven economic growth and social progress, such as Pfizer China, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Deloitte China, Haier Exclusive Stores, and Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Group, received recognition and awards. IVF USA, which specializes in medical consultation services for U.S. IVF, was also honored with the Exemplary Corporate Social Responsibility Award at this financial summit."

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