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A Comprehensive Guide to Calculating the Due Date for IVF in the United States! Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA Talks About IVF in the United States and Thailand

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The calculation of the due date is an important step in the process of IVF. For women who conceive naturally, the calculation of the due date is relatively simple, usually starting from the first day of the last menstrual period, plus 280 days, which is 10 gestational months. However, for women undergoing IVF, the calculation of the due date requires more consideration.


First, we need to understand what the due date is. The due date is a prediction of the gestational period in medicine. It is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period. The entire gestation period is 280 days, which is 10 gestational months. This due date is very important for expectant mothers, because many laboratory tests, imaging examinations, and fetal monitoring must be performed at specific gestational weeks. It is not appropriate to be too early or too late. What is even more important is when to terminate the pregnancy, including when to induce labor or cesarean section also requires the due date. If the due date is miscalculated and labor is induced or cesarean section is performed too early, it will cause a huge mistake.


For women undergoing IVF, due to the use of ovulation-promoting needles, the menstrual period is inaccurate, or they have some menstrual disorders, and they cannot know the menstrual period, how should these women calculate the due date? The scientific calculation method is: if a D5 blastocyst is transplanted, the last menstrual period is defined as 19 days before the transplant day. If a 3-day embryo is implanted, count back 17 days from the implantation day.


Regarding the question of how many days the embryo is transplanted, Dr. Nathan Zhang, a national expert in the field of assisted reproduction, a doctor studying in the United States, and the founder of IVF USA, added: Many countries do IVF when the embryo develops on the third day. , Just hurriedly transplanted into the female uterus, so the failure rate is high, this technology is no longer used in the United States. American IVF has the world's top embryonic laboratory, capable of continuing to culture embryos to form blastocysts on the fifth day, blastocysts refer to embryos cultured for 5 days, with more than 100 cells, and complete PGS screening, which can effectively screen out genetic diseases , To ensure that the transplanted is a healthy embryo, and then transplanted into the female uterus, this will increase the pregnancy rate of IVF, and at the same time reduce the chance of miscarriage and fetal stop.


In addition to calculating by yourself, the expectant mother's due date will also be corrected and adjusted according to the B-ultrasound examination. The due date is not an exact date of delivery. Scientists have counted that only about 5% of women give birth on the due date. Because when the baby is born is affected by many factors, such as the environment in the uterus, the baby's development, the physical condition of the pregnant mother, etc., so many babies will be born earlier or later than the due date, so don't look at this day so accurately. Expectant mothers should be ready for childbirth at any time after 37 weeks of pregnancy, don't be too anxious, let it go. Moreover, the birth status of IVF babies cannot be judged solely by the gestational week, and the weight of IVF babies should be combined to judge the maturity of the baby.


After learning how to calculate the due date of the IVF baby, what the expectant mother has to do is to check her body well according to the gestational week! Waiting for the baby to come! If you have any questions about IVF, you are welcome to consult Dr. Nathan Zhang of IVF USA. He is an expert in the field of assisted reproduction, a doctor studying in the United States, and he will provide you with professional advice and help. At present, IVF USA provides services such as American egg freezing, American IVF, and third-party assisted reproduction for people in need. The business has expanded to areas outside the United States such as Japanese IVF and egg freezing, Thai IVF and egg freezing, and Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, and closely cooperates with the world's top IVF doctors. Let us prepare for the future together. Let us welcome a better future together!

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