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How Important are Good Dietary Habits for Preparing for IVF in the United States?

2024-02-19 21:04:45,visits: 87


Men and women preparing for IVF in the United States must pay more attention to their diet. How should men pay attention to their diet and prepare for IVF? First of all, they must quit smoking and drinking, as the various harmful substances in tobacco and alcohol can kill sperm. They should stop drinking and smoking at least three months before conception; during the preparation period, they should drink less coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks, etc., avoid abusing drugs, and avoid using and consuming items containing estrogen.


Nutrition should be balanced, without partiality or pickiness. The production of sperm requires high-quality protein; quality, zinc, selenium and other minerals and trace elements, arginine and various vitamins, etc., men should eat more food that can improve the quality of semen.


What foods are helpful for women to prepare for pregnancy? High-quality eggs are the basis for successful IVF. Before starting IVF, three months of preparation often plays an important role. During this process, diet is particularly important. During the preparation period, special attention should be paid to the supplement of folic acid, which is a B vitamin widely found in green vegetables. Lack of folic acid can cause newborns to have neural tube and other parts of the deformity. Eat more foods rich in calcium and high in protein, such as dairy, egg and meat foods; also pay attention to supplement iron, zinc, etc. Eat more healthy fat foods, such as deep-sea fish, beef, egg yolk, walnuts, flaxseed, etc. Pay attention to the supplement of vitamin A, vitamin A is fat-soluble, it is conducive to follicular development, can improve the uterine environment.


In addition, women should also quit smoking and drinking, eat less barbecue, pickled products, and foods containing caffeine, MSG, etc.


Regarding the key elements that affect the success rate of IVF in the United States, Dr. Nathan Zhang, a national expert in the field of assisted reproduction, a medical doctor in the United States, and the founder of IVF USA, said that the patient's age, embryo euploidy and grade, the number and quality of eggs, the quality of sperm, the IVF laboratory, and the receptivity of the endometrium. Among these, the most critical is the quality of the eggs. The main factors affecting the quality of female eggs are: age, lifestyle, diet, overweight, ovarian stimulation. And the main points that affect the quality of male sperm are: alcohol abuse, over-exertion, high-temperature sauna, poor diet, and hair loss treatment drugs, etc.


Among these elements, diet plays a very important role. Men and women preparing for IVF in the United States must pay close attention. IVF USA has rich experience in IVF in the United States, and IVF USA experts will also provide families preparing for IVF with dietary precautions and personalized suggestions. At present, IVF USA provides services such as egg freezing in the United States, IVF in the United States, and third-party assisted reproduction for those in need. The business has expanded beyond the United States to include IVF and egg freezing in Japan, IVF and egg freezing in Thailand, and other regions such as Mexico, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, working closely with top IVF doctors worldwide. Pay attention to diet, eat well, drink well, and take care of your body. The success rate of IVF can be more guaranteed! We look forward to welcoming a beautiful future with you!

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