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IVF USA Awarded 'Best Overseas Medical Influence Award'

2023-09-04 21:03:00,visits: 1462

On September 6, 2019, the "Global Wealth and Financial Annual Conference," organized by Qiguan Information, was held in Shanghai. Esteemed figures from top-tier private banks, family offices, independent wealth management institutions, trusts, securities firms, asset management companies, consulting firms, and other industries gathered at the event venue, creating a vibrant and bustling atmosphere.


As society continues to develop, the demands within China's wealth market are also expanding. Apart from traditional needs such as asset investment, asset preservation, and overseas immigration, the emerging affluent class is increasingly focusing on emotional aspects of their needs. As their assets reach a certain scale, the demands for their families and children become even stronger. It is precisely due to this that Dr. Nathan Zhang, the founder of IVF USA, who has dedicated nearly 10 years to specializing in consultancy services for U.S. IVF, was invited to attend the Global Wealth and Financial Annual Conference. During the event, Dr. Nathan Zhang shared insights into new opportunities in wealth management, centered around children, family, and healthcare services. Recognizing his contributions to the Chinese and U.S. economies through years of consultancy in U.S. IVF, as well as his efforts in optimizing societal population structure, he was awarded the 'Best Overseas Medical Influence Award'.


Dr. Zhang pointed out, "Currently, China is following the path of general medical care, with private hospitals offering better service quality but lacking access to top-tier medical technology."

IVF USA has diligently cultivated its presence in the field of assisted reproduction for nearly a decade, serving thousands of families with urgent needs for childbirth. Many of these families either missed their prime reproductive years or, with the relaxation of the second-child policy, desire to expand their families but face personal limitations preventing natural conception. They turn to assisted reproductive technologies as a means of hope. Due to restrictions on these technologies within the country, even the affluent class cannot fully leverage private hospitals to enjoy superior service quality and advanced medical technology for achieving their reproductive goals. This has led many families with the means to shift their focus to the overseas medical market, where the United States, renowned for its advanced technological prowess and top-notch medical services, becomes the preferred destination for affluent individuals to realize their childbearing aspirations.


However, it's important for the affluent class to be aware that having the financial means doesn't guarantee a worry-free journey to the United States to fulfill their dreams of having children through IVF. Dr. Zhang, the founder of IVF USA, emphasized, "The biggest challenge of U.S. IVF isn't funding, but rather the decision of which doctor, which clinic, and which laboratory to choose. Different doctors excel in different areas, and varying laboratory standards can lead to different fertility outcomes. These are judgments that individuals without medical expertise and unfamiliarity with the U.S. medical market cannot make."

Additionally, the age of women presents a challenge for families considering traveling to the U.S. for IVF. Dr. Zhang pointed out, "After the age of 35, ovarian function starts to decline dramatically. Women over 40 have an over 80% rate of chromosome mutations in their eggs, and the condition of chromosomes directly affects the likelihood of miscarriage and even the health of the fetus. The fertility of women aged 40-42 is halved, and for women over 42, it's halved again. Women over 45 have a likelihood of over 90% for embryo chromosome mutations."

From this perspective, the new opportunity for the affluent class—U.S. IVF—can be seen as a form of risk investment. The two crucial factors determining the success of this investment are expertise and age. Finding a professional U.S. IVF consulting agency and advancing fertility plans are essential steps. Alternatively, through methods like egg freezing in the U.S., planning for fertility in advance can reduce the risk associated with this investment, ultimately achieving the desired late-life happiness with numerous children and steady asset growth.

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