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Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA Discusses IVF-PGT in the USA and Thailand: A Six-Step Guide to Maximizing Male Fertility

2024-02-20 18:11:41,visits: 87



Male fertility is crucial for family health and reproduction. We provide you with six simple yet effective steps to help increase sperm count and enhance fertility within the next 90 days.


1. Maintain Testicular Cooling:

   It's widely known that the testicles need to be several degrees cooler than the rest of the body, but daily activities may elevate their temperature. Allowing the testicles to cool for 30 to 60 minutes daily can increase sperm count by over 100% and boost testicular hormone levels.


2. Adjust Diet:

   Consume foods beneficial for sperm, increasing essential nutrients like zinc, selenium, and coenzyme Q10 in the body. Try taking daily male nutritional supplements equivalent to prenatal vitamins for women.


3. Reduce Chemical Exposure:

   Chemical substances are harmful to sperm, so try to minimize exposure to chemicals and toxins in daily life. When undergoing weight loss, carefully choose medications after consulting a doctor.


4. Avoid Prolonged Sitting:

   If you spend long hours sitting in the office, it's time to stand up. Try using a standing desk, take a break every half hour, or exercise several times a week to develop a walking habit.


5. Ensure Adequate Sleep:

   Sleep is crucial for increasing sperm count. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night, avoid screens an hour before bedtime, and refrain from drinking coffee after 3 p.m.


6. Control Ejaculation Frequency:

   Ejaculating every 2 to 3 days helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer and eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Good sexual activity promotes the release of testicular hormones, improving sleep and mood.


Dr. Nathan Zhang points out that while male fertility is not limited by age like female fertility, sperm quality gradually declines with middle age. Infertility may have causes on both the male and female sides. In today's fast-paced life, young people may also be in suboptimal health, leading to a trend of lower age for male infertility. Therefore, improving male fertility is crucial for family health and reproduction.


If you have needs or concerns regarding fertility, feel free to consult IVF USA. Currently, IVF USA provides services such as egg freezing, IVF-PGT, and third-party reproductive assistance to those in need. Our services extend beyond the USA to include Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other regions, collaborating closely with top IVF specialists globally. As the founder of IVF USA, Dr. Nathan Zhang has rich professional knowledge and experience, dedicated to providing high-quality medical services to every patient.

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