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What is the process and cost of egg freezing?

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智特特邀美国试管婴儿冻卵专家Dr Robert系列问答(三)冻卵最佳年龄

best age of egg freezing Many patients seek treatment in the united states for egg freezing oocytes cryopreservation. The ideal age for oocytes cryopreservation would be under thirty. However, it is acceptable on a case by case basis to tre... More>>

智特医疗张欣博士《美国试管婴大讲堂》 第三讲 需要冻多少卵才够呢?

大伙儿谈到的是我要取多少或冻多少才叫够?冻卵的成功率是多少? 从统计上讲,一个女性如果能冷冻20个卵,她基本上这一辈子有子女。 下一个,我需要做多少次才能得到20个卵子?... More>>

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