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Can Virgins Undergo Egg Freezing or IVF in the USA?

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Many young women today have not met the right partner or prefer to focus on their careers, postponing marriage and family. Consequently, many single women consider egg freezing while young or even having children without marriage. Can virgins undergo these reproductive techniques? Particularly, can egg retrieval harm the hymen? We consulted Dr. Nathan Zhang, an expert in the field of assisted reproduction, Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and founder of IVF USA. He explains that virgins can indeed undergo egg freezing and IVF. Whether for egg freezing or IVF, there are two primary concerns for doctors: how to ensure the integrity of the hymen and, if the hymen breaks, how to minimize the discomfort for the woman.


We recommend going to the USA for egg freezing or IVF because the country is relatively advanced in assisted reproduction, with more comprehensive and flexible regulations, and excellent laboratory conditions and doctors. To protect the hymen, doctors adopt a two-step strategy. First, they conduct a fertility assessment before starting. During the ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval process for IVF or egg freezing, doctors guide patients through ovarian examinations and regular ultrasound monitoring. Usually, vaginal ultrasounds are used, but for virgins, doctors use abdominal or rectal ultrasounds to monitor follicles.


Throughout all the examinations and follicle monitoring, doctors perform operations through abdominal or rectal ultrasound to avoid breaking the hymen. Additionally, they are more cautious to prevent and reduce the pain caused by hymen rupture.


During egg retrieval, as vaginal ultrasound must be used, the hymen may break. Although the likelihood of rupture is not small, since the procedure is done under anesthesia, the patient will not feel pain. Doctors will try their best to ensure the hymen's integrity but cannot completely avoid the risk of rupture.


In conclusion, virgins can undergo egg freezing and IVF, but special attention must be paid to protecting the hymen during the process. Choosing experienced doctors and advanced medical institutions is crucial. Currently, IVF USA provides egg freezing, IVF, and third-party assisted reproductive services in the USA. Our services have expanded to include Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, in collaboration with top IVF doctors worldwide. Dr. Nathan Zhang and his team are dedicated to helping every patient achieve their dream of having a child. Let's welcome new life together.



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