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These 6 habits may hinder your chances of conception: Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA talks about American and Thai IVF-PGT.

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In today's fast-paced life, we often overlook the importance of taking care of our bodies, especially for women planning for egg freezing or IVF. Good lifestyle habits are crucial for successful conception. In this article, we will discuss six bad habits that may affect fertility and provide advice on changing these habits to help you maintain good health and increase your chances of successful conception.


1. Prolonged Sitting


As modern women, we often spend long hours sitting at work. However, prolonged sitting can affect pelvic blood circulation, negatively impacting reproductive organs. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to take regular breaks and move around during work to maintain proper pelvic blood circulation.


2. Blind Dieting


In pursuit of societal beauty standards, some women may opt for blind dieting. However, extreme dieting and incorrect weight loss methods can cause hormonal imbalances, affecting fertility. Moderate exercise and a balanced diet are key to maintaining a healthy weight.


3. Over-supplementation


While supplementing nutrients is crucial for overall health, excessive supplementation can disrupt hormone levels, especially during puberty and reproductive age. A balanced diet and scientifically appropriate nutrient supplementation are wiser choices.


4. Misuse or Overuse of Contraceptives


Early or excessive use of contraceptives can cause hormonal imbalances and menstrual irregularities, even negatively impacting fertility. Choosing more scientifically proven contraceptive methods and consulting a professional doctor for advice are safer options.


5. Missing the Optimal Conception Window


There is an optimal conception window in a woman's fertility cycle, and missing this window reduces the chance of conception. Monitoring ovulation cycles can help you better grasp the timing of conception, increasing the likelihood of successful pregnancy.


6. Self-medication


Self-medication when facing fertility issues can lead to irreversible harm. Consulting a professional fertility doctor, especially when dealing with American IVF-PGT, is crucial for ensuring safety.


During this critical fertility period, IVF USA will always be there to accompany you, providing professional support and care. Currently, IVF USA offers services including American egg freezing, American IVF, and third-party reproductive assistance, expanding its operations beyond the United States to include Japanese IVF-PGT and egg freezing, Thai IVF-PGT and egg freezing, as well as regions such as Mexico, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Dr. Nathan Zhang, as the founder of IVF USA, possesses extensive professional knowledge and experience, connecting Chinese patients with top international reproductive medical resources. Through strategic cooperation and understanding the characteristics of each doctor, IVF USA has developed a unique assessment system to select excellent doctors to provide services to clients. IVF USA's professional team will provide you with cutting-edge medical technology and personalized care, helping you welcome the arrival of new life.

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