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"Unveiling the Truth Behind Common Fertility Rumors: Coca-Cola, WiFi, and Hot Springs" IVF USA's Dr. Nathan Zhang Shares Insights on IVF-PGT

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In recent years, as the pace of life has accelerated and societal pressures have increased, infertility has gradually become a focal point for couples trying to conceive. For those hoping to realize their dreams of parenthood through egg freezing and IVF-PGT technology, they are often bombarded with various pieces of information and may be unsure of what to believe or how to proceed.


Firstly, let's explore some of the rumors surrounding egg freezing and IVF-PGT. Have you heard about the belief that Coca-Cola can harm sperm? Or perhaps the rumors about the effects of using WiFi or soaking in hot springs on fertility? Are these claims true?


The notion that Coca-Cola kills sperm stems from experiments and hearsay. However, according to studies from Harvard Medical School and surveys conducted by Danish doctors, moderate daily consumption of caffeine, including Coca-Cola, does not affect sperm count or vitality. Similarly, scientific research has not found substantial evidence to support claims about the effects of WiFi radiation or hot springs on fertility. Therefore, couples trying to conceive need not overly worry about the potential impact of these rumors.


However, there are still lifestyle habits and environmental factors that require attention. Long-term exposure to high stress and a fast-paced lifestyle, poor dietary habits, unhealthy lifestyles, and excessive use of electronic devices may all have negative effects on fertility. Therefore, maintaining good lifestyle habits and mindset is crucial for couples trying to conceive.


Both spouses should actively undergo examinations and treatments for infertility issues. Infertility is not solely a female problem; male fertility is equally important. Early detection of problems and timely measures can increase the chances of successful conception.


In this process, choosing a professional assisted reproductive institution is crucial. IVF USA is dedicated to providing professional reproductive counseling services to those in need. If you have any questions about overseas IVF, feel free to consult our team of experts. Dr. Nathan Zhang, as the founder of IVF USA, has extensive professional knowledge and experience. He has identified top-notch international reproductive medical resources for Chinese patients, committed to providing high-quality medical services to every patient. Currently, IVF USA offers services including egg freezing and IVF-PGT in the United States, as well as IVF-PGT in Japan and egg freezing in Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other regions. We closely collaborate with top IVF doctors worldwide, understand each doctor's characteristics, and form a unique evaluation system based on this, selecting a group of outstanding doctors to provide services to our clients.


Therefore, for those trying to conceive, do not be troubled by rumors. Maintain good lifestyle habits, undergo examinations and treatments actively, and let us work together to realize the dream of parenthood and welcome the arrival of new life!


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