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Is it true that ectopic pregnancy can also occur with IVF? Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA talks about IVF-PGT in the United States and Thailand.

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Ectopic pregnancy is a concerning condition, especially for those who have experienced it before, as it becomes a painful memory. Understanding ectopic pregnancy and its possibilities is crucial when considering IVF.


What is ectopic pregnancy, and how does it occur?


Ectopic pregnancy refers to the situation where the fertilized egg implants outside the uterine cavity, with tubal pregnancy accounting for over 90%. Tubal abnormalities are the main factors leading to ectopic pregnancy, commonly seen in chronic tubal inflammation, pelvic tuberculosis, etc. These conditions may cause tubal blockage, preventing the fertilized egg from entering the uterine cavity and leading to implantation in the fallopian tube.


Does IVF-PGT increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy?


In theory, the embryo transfer during IVF directly places the embryo into the uterine cavity, aiming to avoid ectopic pregnancy. However, in practice, the risk of ectopic pregnancy cannot be completely eliminated. Technical factors during IVF procedures, such as the depth of the transfer catheter, volume of liquid, speed, position, etc., may affect the accuracy of implantation.


What is the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy with IVF-PGT?


Although IVF cannot completely avoid ectopic pregnancy, the incidence rate is significantly lower compared to natural conception. In the United States, due to advanced technology and medical standards, the probability of ectopic pregnancy with IVF is less than 3%.


How to prevent ectopic pregnancy with IVF?


Pre-pregnancy examination: Ensure the normal function of the fallopian tubes, screen for inflammation, and treat promptly if tubal pathology is detected.


Personalized transplantation plan: Determine the transplantation plan according to the patient's situation, and choose experienced doctors and reputable hospitals.


Real-time monitoring: Regularly perform ultrasound examinations to check the embryo's implantation status and adjust the treatment plan promptly.


Female friends need not overly worry about ectopic pregnancy!


When undergoing IVF in the United States, especially at IVF USA, we utilize advanced technology and medical methods to minimize the risk of ectopic pregnancy. We strongly recommend patients to ensure their health through examination, prevention, and real-time monitoring during the IVF process in the United States. We believe that in the IVF journey in the United States, you will encounter a miracle of smooth pregnancy.


If you have any questions or need professional advice about IVF, please feel free to contact us at IVF USA. Our expert team will provide you with the most professional guidance and services. Currently, IVF USA provides services such as egg freezing and IVF in the United States, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other regions. We work closely with top IVF doctors worldwide and are committed to creating the best fertility journey for you. Let us help you realize the dream of a beautiful family and welcome the arrival of new life.

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