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Deciding to Freeze Eggs at 30: Too Early or Too Late?

2023-12-03 17:41:54,visits: 220


At different stages of life, we all face various choices. Qiqi's journey of freezing eggs is an inspiring story that seamlessly intertwines egg freezing technology with the success of IVF in the USA and Thailand, presenting a new path to expand possibilities for fertility.


As Qiqi celebrated her 30th birthday, she suddenly contemplated the idea of freezing her eggs. Despite postponing this decision before, she realized the time was right. Looking back, Qiqi shared, "I always thought I would naturally encounter true love, but life has its own plans. Following the doctor's advice, I decided to freeze my eggs, leaving room for choices in the future."


Qiqi chose to embark on her egg freezing journey in the USA. Egg freezing in the USA is part of the IVF process, providing women with more fertility options through a series of steps, including ovarian stimulation, monitoring of frozen eggs, egg retrieval, and egg freezing. This technology offers individuals greater decision-making flexibility, making family planning more adaptable.


Qiqi successfully completed the entire process, describing, "After about ten days of injecting stimulation drugs, the egg retrieval procedure, done under anesthesia, took around 15 minutes. I retrieved 17 eggs, of which 11 matured and were successfully frozen. I felt very fulfilled and happy."


At the age of 39, Qiqi finally met her soulmate. Having connected online, their first meeting at a coffee shop led to love after three dates. Qiqi openly shared her egg freezing experience, and they both decided on the purpose of freezing eggs. A year later, they got married and, at the age of 40, decided to use the frozen eggs for pregnancy.


Qiqi's daughter arrived 8 days before the due date, becoming the new life of the couple. Qiqi joyfully said, "Egg freezing gave me more choices, and I finally found true love, having my own precious daughter."


IVF USA, under the brand IVF-PGT, has been committed to providing professional IVF and egg freezing services. Throughout your journey exploring fertility possibilities, IVF USA will accompany you every step of the way. Our proud professional team, including Dr. Nathan Zhang, ensures you receive the highest quality medical support.


Currently, IVF USA offers egg freezing, IVF in the USA, and third-party assisted reproduction services. Our services have expanded beyond the USA to include IVF and egg freezing in Japan, Thailand, as well as Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other regions. Dr. Nathan Zhang, an expert in the field of assisted reproduction at IVF USA, fully understands the challenges and complexities of egg freezing and IVF treatments. Based on individual circumstances, he provides professional advice, ensuring that every patient achieves the best possible treatment results in this hopeful field.

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