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Is Egg Freezing Legal in the United States? It's Not Too Late to Find Out

2023-11-30 22:11:42,visits: 120


In today's world, "egg freezing" has become a globally discussed topic. While egg freezing services are available domestically, they come with certain restrictions, especially for single women, where freezing eggs is often considered a violation. In China, egg freezing is only allowed under specific circumstances: for married women facing infertility or for women with severe malignant tumors who wish to preserve their fertility before undergoing chemotherapy.


Given the limitations on egg freezing in China, many individuals opt to freeze their eggs in the United States. So, what are the legal aspects surrounding egg freezing in the United States?


US Egg Freezing Laws: Freedom and Advancement

In the United States, there are no explicit legal restrictions on egg freezing. The process simply requires advance scheduling. According to data from the American Society for Reproductive Technology, the number of egg freezing cases in the United States increased from 8825 in 2016 to 10936 in 2017. A similar trend is observed in the UK, where the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority reported an increase in egg freezing cases from 234 in 2010 to 1463 in 2017.


Therefore, the technology of egg freezing in the United States stands out globally. With no clear legal constraints and advanced technology, the US attracts a significant number of individuals seeking egg freezing services.


Procedure for Freezing Eggs in the US: A Smooth Path to Parenthood

The process of freezing eggs in the United States is relatively straightforward. It involves preliminary examinations, ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and egg freezing. Initial examinations include blood tests, ultrasound scans, endometrial checks, and hormone checks. The ovarian stimulation phase requires taking contraceptive pills to stimulate the ovaries, lasting approximately two weeks. The maturity of the follicles is monitored, and once they are mature, the egg retrieval procedure takes place.


Egg retrieval is a minimally invasive surgery performed under anesthesia, lasting around half an hour. Before the procedure, it's essential to increase fluid intake to facilitate multiple urinations.


Egg freezing in the United States is not heavily regulated by law, and scheduling in advance is the primary requirement. Most of the initial tests in the IVF process can be completed in China to save time and reduce the duration of stay in the United States. After completing these tests, you can initiate your IVF cycle through a video consultation with a doctor. The first five days can be spent in your home country, resulting in a stay of only 7 days in the United States.


Currently, IVF USA provides services such as egg freezing, IVF, and third-party assisted reproduction for those in need. The services have expanded to countries outside the United States, including Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and more. Now is the optimal time to understand the regulations surrounding egg freezing in the United States. Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA, an expert in the field of assisted reproduction, comprehensively understands the challenges and complexities of egg freezing and IVF treatments. He provides professional advice tailored to individual circumstances, ensuring that each patient achieves the best possible treatment outcome in this hopeful field. Don't limit yourself; plan ahead for your future path to parenthood. Wishing everyone successful egg freezing and the possibility of a new life.



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