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Choosing the Best IVF-PGT Hospital in the United States: Are High Success Rates Reliable?

2023-11-22 20:33:58,visits: 157

In today's society, an increasing number of Chinese families are choosing the United States as their preferred destination for IVF-PGT (In Vitro Fertilization with Preimplantation Genetic Testing) due to its outstanding success rates. The U.S. stands out in the field of reproductive medicine, offering advanced technology and facilities, providing aspiring parents with a highly professional and successful solution. The medical expertise and research achievements in the U.S. make the IVF-PGT process more precise and reliable, offering couples a more secure guarantee for welcoming new life. Therefore, high success rates have become one of the crucial factors for Chinese families choosing the United States for IVF-PGT.


But what about the success rate rankings of IVF-PGT hospitals in the United States? Indeed, there is a ranking known as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) IVF Hospital Ranking. However, with the increasing presence of professional consultancy agencies in the Chinese market, there is growing skepticism in the industry about the authenticity of CDC data.


So, how should Chinese families choose a U.S. IVF-PGT hospital? Selecting a suitable IVF-PGT hospital for their specific infertility conditions is almost an impossible task for individual consumers due to language barriers, cultural differences, U.S. legal blind spots, and barriers related to medical expertise.


At this juncture, the only way to safely and confidently treat their infertility, ensuring a high success rate, is to choose a professional and reliable U.S. IVF-PGT consultation agency. Currently, most domestic U.S. IVF-PGT consulting agencies regularly organize salons or lectures on assisted reproduction. By participating in these offline lectures and engaging in face-to-face communication with agency representatives, individuals can gain insights into the organizational culture and professionalism of the agency.


While, in principle, U.S. IVF-PGT consultation service agencies have a high entry threshold, with strict requirements for U.S. medical resources, professional medical knowledge, and service operation capabilities, the vast market space in China has given many intermediary companies opportunities. This has led to a situation where the domestic U.S. IVF-PGT consulting market is a mix of varying quality.


However, the background of the founders can somewhat indicate the strength of an agency. If the founder has a medical background, the agency is likely to be more medically oriented and less commercially oriented. Agencies with strong commercial purposes may not consider the success rate of patients. On the contrary, the lower the success rate, the greater their commercial interests.


The more experience a U.S. IVF-PGT consulting agency has in operational services, the more it can make infertile families feel the intimate and reassuring one-stop service throughout the IVF-PGT process. This includes consultation, fertility assessment, personalized program customization, and comprehensive services for the entire process in the U.S. (airport transfer, translation, medical resource communication, legal issue communication, etc.).


A noteworthy point is that many successful U.S. IVF-PGT family service cases, coupled with a strong medical background, are an added bonus. This implies that the consultancy agency has a complete and mature system to assess U.S. doctors and clinics based on the conditions of patients' ovaries and uterus. Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA fully understands the challenges and complexities of IVF treatment. He provides professional advice based on individual circumstances, ensuring that each patient in this hopeful field achieves the best treatment results.

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