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Unveiling the Specific Process of IVF in the United States: Insights from Dr. Nathan Zhang of IVF USA

2023-11-21 18:04:04,visits: 227

In recent years, more and more couples in China have faced obstacles with domestic IVF treatments, prompting them to explore international options. However, many are not well-versed in the procedures and costs associated with IVF in the USA. IVF in the United States not only offers more legal and medical choices but also provides patients with higher success rates and better medical support. Today, we will take you through the IVF process in the USA in just two minutes.


Fertility Evaluation for Men and Women

The journey of IVF in the United States begins with a comprehensive series of fertility evaluations for both men and women. Before determining the treatment plan, doctors conduct a thorough assessment of the couple's fertility, including the ovarian reserve and uterine health for women, as well as sperm quality for men. These evaluations are the first step to ensure the selection of the most suitable treatment.


Expert Consultation

Patients initially engage in face-to-face consultations with experts in the field of reproductive medicine. During this consultation, doctors delve into the patient's health status, fertility history, and potential reproductive challenges. It is a two-way communication process where patients can ask questions, and doctors tailor personalized treatment plans based on examination results and the couple's individual circumstances.


Ovulation Stimulation and Monitoring

Once the treatment plan is established, women undergo ovulation stimulation to induce the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Patients undergo a series of monitoring checks, including tracking the growth of follicles and hormone levels. Hormonal medications assist in follicle development, preparing for the subsequent egg retrieval.


Egg and Sperm Retrieval

When the follicles reach an appropriate size, the egg retrieval procedure takes place. This is a brief and minimally invasive surgical process involving the collection of mature eggs by puncturing the ovarian wall. Men provide a sperm sample. After eggs mature, doctors collect eggs and obtain sperm. This critical step in the IVF process typically occurs around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle, counting from the beginning of menstruation.


Embryo Cultivation and Freezing

Following egg retrieval, eggs combine with sperm to form fertilized embryos. These embryos undergo cultivation in the laboratory for several days until they develop into embryos capable of implantation. After cultivation, embryos may be frozen to await the optimal physiological state of the woman, a common practice that enhances the overall success rate.


Embryo PGD/PGS Screening

During embryo cultivation, U.S. doctors may conduct genetic screenings such as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for single gene disorders and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) for chromosomal abnormalities. These screenings aid doctors in selecting healthy embryos, reducing the risk of genetic diseases.


Embryo Transfer

When embryos reach 5-6 days of development and pass screening, selected healthy embryos are implanted into the prospective mother's uterus, initiating the pregnancy process.


Pregnancy Test

Patients undergo a pregnancy test 12-14 days after the embryo transfer to confirm successful pregnancy.


Throughout the entire IVF process, most preliminary tests can be conducted domestically to save time and reduce the duration of the stay in the United States. After completing these tests, you can initiate your IVF cycle through a video consultation with the doctor. The initial 5 days can be spent in your home country, so upon arrival in the United States, you only need to stay for 7 days. This not only helps shorten your stay abroad but also aids in minimizing travel-related expenses, allowing you to quickly embark on your long-awaited IVF journey. Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA, as an expert in the field of assisted reproduction, will personally provide professional guidance and support to ensure the smooth progress of every step in the IVF process.

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