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How Single Women View Egg Freezing in the USA? Hear from the General Public

2024-06-15 21:30:13,visits: 81



As egg freezing technology becomes gradually accepted as one of the ways for women to preserve fertility, more and more women are showing interest. Many forward-thinking independent women hope to freeze their eggs while young and pursue pregnancy through IVF when the time is right.


So, how does the general public view egg freezing technology? The Beijing News once recorded a video where ordinary people discussed egg freezing, offering glimpses into how the public perceives it. A 68-year-old man expressed support, seeing it as societal progress that should not discriminate against those with needs. Mr. Bi, a 40-year-old IT professional, believes everyone has the right to choose. Although current Chinese law does not allow single women to freeze eggs, efforts are still needed to promote the development of this technology.


Compared to men who can preserve fertility using sperm banks, it seems unfair that single women cannot freeze eggs. Many argue that women's reproductive rights should be their own decision, not tied to marriage. As one netizen pointed out, those who can afford egg freezing are usually economically independent women who don't need others worrying about their ability to raise children; reproductive rights should belong to women. However, some worry that opening up egg freezing might lead to ethical issues. Scholars suggest that if policies are relaxed, pregnancies and births may occur outside normal legal procedures, conflicting with current laws in China.


Of course, there are differing opinions. A 65-year-old woman believes a complete family should have both parents and children, sparking debate in the comments section where some argue that single parents can love just as much as couples. Egg freezing technology acts as a touchstone, reflecting true thoughts in everyone's hearts. It offers a possibility for women to live for themselves, not just for marriage or childbirth.


The desire among single women for egg freezing technology primarily stems from the irreversible decline in female fertility. Scientific research shows that female fertility decreases with age; after 35, egg quality and quantity sharply decline. Egg freezing addresses the issue of egg aging. In the USA, egg freezing employs state-of-the-art vitrification technology, replacing water inside egg cells and rapidly freezing them to -196°C to avoid ice crystal damage to egg structure. In this ultra-low temperature environment, all internal metabolic and molecular movements of the eggs cease, preserving genetic material intact.


Due to restrictions in China, many women choose to freeze eggs abroad. However, overseas medical care comes with uncertainties and communication challenges. Dr. Nathan Zhang, founder of IVF USA, advises women to select reputable hospitals and skilled doctors for procedures. Medications used in the USA are FDA-approved, and doctors conduct multiple physical examinations before and during ovulation induction, adjusting medication doses based on results to ensure safety. Currently, IVF USA provides services such as egg freezing, IVF, and third-party assisted reproduction for those in need. Services extend beyond the USA to include Japan for IVF and egg freezing, as well as Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, collaborating closely with top global IVF specialists.


For more information on egg freezing and fertility matters, please consult the professional team at IVF USA. Dr. Nathan Zhang is dedicated to assisting you. May every woman who desires to conceive children fulfill her wish.



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