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Recurrent Miscarriage: What to Do? Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA Talks about American Thai IVF

2024-04-11 19:54:30,visits: 135



On the journey to conception, some couples may encounter the challenging obstacle of recurrent miscarriage. For many women, consecutive natural miscarriages can lead to both psychological and physiological distress. So, is there a way to avoid recurrent miscarriage? First, let's understand why this condition occurs.


The causes of recurrent miscarriage are diverse. Generally, three or more consecutive natural miscarriages are termed as recurrent miscarriage. Among them, approximately half of miscarriages result from genetic abnormalities in the embryos. In such cases, miscarriage is actually a natural mechanism of eliminating abnormal embryos. Apart from this, recurrent miscarriage may also be caused by anatomical, immunological, or hormonal issues, or due to unknown reasons.


First, let's look at genetic abnormalities. If recurrent miscarriage is caused by genetic abnormalities in embryos, American IVF-PGT technology can be considered to address this issue. This technology allows embryos to be cultured in the laboratory and undergo genetic screening before being implanted into the uterus, reducing the risk of miscarriage due to genetic problems.


Secondly, immunological diseases are also a possible cause of recurrent miscarriage. Women who have experienced recurrent miscarriages often undergo immunological disease testing. If immune problems are found, doctors can take measures to reduce the risk of miscarriage caused by immune system issues.


Anatomical issues may also lead to recurrent miscarriage. Through ultrasound and X-ray examinations, doctors can evaluate the anatomical structure of women and perform corrective surgery if problems are found.


Lastly, hormonal issues may also be one of the causes of recurrent miscarriage. Through blood tests, doctors can assess women's hormone levels and, if necessary, regulate hormone balance through medication to reduce the risk of miscarriage.


For recurrent miscarriage, American IVF-PGT technology is considered a widely applicable and highly successful fertility solution. With this technology, miscarriages caused by genetic abnormalities can be avoided, and corresponding measures can be taken for other possible causes, maximizing the success rate of pregnancy.


In summary, for couples facing recurrent miscarriage, it is crucial to identify the cause and adopt targeted treatment. American IVF-PGT technology offers a viable solution to this dilemma, bringing new hope to couples who aspire to become parents. Currently, IVF USA provides services such as egg freezing, IVF, and third-party assisted reproduction to those in need, with business expansion to regions outside the United States, including Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and collaboration with top IVF doctors worldwide.


If you have any questions or need further information about recurrent miscarriage or IVF technology, feel free to consult IVF USA and our expert Dr. Nathan Zhang. We are committed to providing you with support and assistance on the journey towards realizing your family dreams.

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