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Does IVF Cause Physical Damage? Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA Talks About IVF in the United States and Thailand

2024-02-28 17:33:04,visits: 74



In modern society, various rumors about IVF abound, with one common claim being "doing IVF will ruin your body." IVF USA often receives inquiries such as, "Does IVF harm women?" or "Does IVF accelerate aging?" Let's understand the entire process of IVF and see how it differs from natural conception.


1. Fertility Assessment: Laboratory tests are conducted to assess ovarian and uterine function, and comprehensive fertility examinations are performed on both partners to evaluate egg quality and the conception environment.


2. Development of IVF Plan: Communication with U.S. experts via remote video to develop a suitable IVF plan, and signing relevant medical agreements and payment agreements.


3. Ovulation Induction: Under the guidance of U.S. doctors, ovulation induction therapy is conducted to produce multiple eggs for fertilization, providing more choices. Women need to strictly follow the doctor's instructions and maintain a positive mindset. Meanwhile, men also need to pay attention to their lifestyle habits to ensure sperm quality.


4. Egg Retrieval and Sperm Collection in the United States: Couples travel to the United States, undergo pre-processing before egg retrieval, maintain a light diet, and avoid consuming indigestible foods. Eggs are retrieved through follicular aspiration, and postoperative rest is required. Any discomfort should be promptly reported to the doctor for intervention.


5. Embryo Screening and Transplantation: Fertilization process is conducted in the laboratory, healthy embryos are screened, and then transferred to the mother's body. After transfer, following the doctor's advice and maintaining a positive mindset and lifestyle habits are crucial.


6. Entering Normal Pregnancy: Regular prenatal check-ups are conducted, waiting for the baby's arrival, just like mothers conceiving naturally, enjoying the process of nurturing life.


According to Dr. Nathan Zhang, founder of IVF USA and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, ovulation induction drugs have no long-term side effects on the body. Different individuals may react differently to drugs, but these drugs are normal hormone substances in the body, metabolizing rapidly, and any side effects disappear quickly after discontinuation. There is currently no clinical evidence that ovulation induction drugs have long-term effects on women's health or accelerate aging.


Local anesthesia is administered during the egg retrieval process, and the incision for egg retrieval is minimal, requiring rest postoperatively. Although egg retrieval may cause slight discomfort, the procedure does not affect the implantation and implantation of fertilized eggs. Contrary to rumors, egg retrieval does not cause serious harm to the body.


Nurturing life is a great and natural process. IVF USA advises adjusting your mindset, paying attention to rest and nutrition, and enjoying the pregnancy process. Currently, IVF USA provides services such as egg freezing in the United States, IVF in the United States, and third-party assisted reproduction. Our services have expanded to countries outside the United States, including Japan for IVF and egg freezing, Thailand for IVF and egg freezing, as well as Mexico, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. We collaborate closely with top IVF doctors worldwide. If you have any concerns or needs, please feel free to consult the IVF USA team, and we will be happy to assist you.

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