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What is the process and cost of egg freezing?

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How many eggs should be frozen? Dr. Nathan Zhang of IVF USA talks about IVF-PGT in the United States

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Egg freezing technology, which involves preserving reproductive capacity by freezing eggs, is an important option for modern women to prepare for future fertility. In China, due to policy restrictions, single women are unable to freeze eggs. However, in the United States, as an advanced country in egg freezing technology, not only are the egg freezing rights of single women protected by law, but married women are also provided with extensive egg freezing services, creating a more relaxed environment for women to preserve their fertility.


However, for women planning to freeze eggs in the United States, the questions of the quantity of eggs to be frozen and the success rate remain a concern. Here, we have invited Dr. Nathan Zhang, a doctor and specialist in the field of assisted reproduction at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the founder of IVF USA, to provide professional answers to these questions.


A key question is, how many eggs need to be retrieved or frozen to be considered sufficient? According to statistics, if a woman can successfully freeze 20 eggs, it basically covers her lifetime fertility needs. However, the specific number of egg freezing cycles required varies from person to person, depending on age and genetics.


Dr. Zhang pointed out that the success rate of egg freezing is a crucial factor, and assessing egg quality, fertilization status, and embryo development requires comprehensive consideration. Egg freezing success rates vary between different clinics and laboratories, so choosing a high-quality clinic is key to ensuring the effectiveness of egg freezing.


It is important to note that there is currently no scientific method to accurately assess the quality of frozen eggs, and the quality of frozen eggs directly affects the success rate after thawing. Therefore, choosing a suitable egg freezing clinic and doctor is crucial in this regard.


IVF USA, as a professional team in the field of egg freezing, is committed to providing comprehensive egg freezing services to women. The professional knowledge and experience of Dr. Nathan Zhang, the founder, will provide you with the most reliable support for your egg freezing journey. Currently, IVF USA provides egg freezing and IVF-PGT services in the United States and other countries, including Japan and Thailand, and collaborates closely with top IVF doctors worldwide to create the best fertility journey for you. We encourage women to consider egg freezing at a young age to safeguard their future fertility needs. IVF USA aims to help you build the dream of a beautiful family.


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