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Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA Discusses IVF-PGT: What to Do About Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

2023-11-03 20:15:10,visits: 222



Pregnancy and the arrival of a newborn are the dreams of many couples. However, some people experience the heartache of recurrent miscarriages and pregnancy loss. This issue poses both emotional challenges and physical difficulties for couples. In many cases, the primary reason for pregnancy loss is poor embryo quality. This is often due to chromosomal abnormalities, which can affect the development and health of embryos, thereby increasing the risk of miscarriage. We have found that in the reasons for miscarriage and pregnancy loss, at least one of the 23 pairs of chromosomes is usually abnormal. This abnormality prevents the embryos from developing normally, ultimately leading to miscarriage. So, the chances of experiencing similar miscarriages and pregnancy losses are likely to remain high if you try to conceive again.


For women who have experienced multiple miscarriages or pregnancy losses, we advise them to consider contraception and then contemplate in vitro fertilization (IVF) along with Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). PGT is an advanced technology that involves a comprehensive analysis of the chromosomes of embryos, allowing for the selection of healthy embryos. In IVF-PGT, embryos are cultivated to the blastocyst stage, followed by PGT testing. Only the healthy embryos identified through PGT testing are chosen for implantation. This significantly increases the success rate of embryo implantation, typically exceeding 70%, and reduces the risks of miscarriage and pregnancy loss.


In the past 12 years, IVF USA has consistently used IVF-PGT, including embryo cultivation to the blastocyst stage and PGT testing. These procedures are performed by experienced doctors from top-tier reproductive centers in the United States. During this process, miscarriages have been rarely encountered, and the few miscarriage cases that did occur were typically early miscarriages. Cases of pregnancy loss have been almost non-existent. This approach dramatically enhances the success rate of embryo implantation while lowering the risks of miscarriage and pregnancy loss. Moreover, selecting a reputable medical institution and experienced doctors is crucial, as factors like medication, dosage, timing of egg retrieval, and laboratory techniques have a significant impact on the success of IVF.


If you have faced multiple miscarriages or pregnancy losses, do not lose hope. IVF treatment in the United States upholds the highest medical standards. IVF USA offers a convenient system that can help you reduce the duration of your stay in the United States. You can consult with a doctor online and then travel to the United States for egg retrieval. This system allows for the completion of medical examinations in your home country, with only a 7-day stay in the United States during the egg retrieval phase. Dr. Nathan Zhang from IVF USA, an expert in the field of assisted reproduction, has a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of IVF treatment. He provides individualized professional advice to ensure that every patient achieves the best possible treatment outcomes in this promising field.



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